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Welcome to the body care salon、AromanoKaze(Aromatic Breezes) web site. Here, you will find the best care for you in our extensive range of treatments. Our goal is to support a comfortable, healthy life for each and every customer!
The aromatic treatments we offer use highest-quality essential oils that activate lymphatic flow, collect unnecessary and/or toxic foreign substances and waste products in the body. Using original, blended oils together with the techniques unique to trained and experienced specialists, whole-body lymph is moved and 
This reduces swelling as well as invigorates constricted areas. It will also aid absorption of important minerals in the foods you eat.
In addition to our full-body treatment, we have half-body treatment to give extra care to your back, legs, or arms. Our gentle stimulation is kind to your body, meaning treatments are appropriate for all conditions and ages, from postpartum women to senior people.
In addition, gentle chiropractic combined with soft stretching to match your physical condition, relieves skeletal strain, muscle stiffness, adjusts the pelvis and overall posture. Also popular is our 20-minute head massage to ease lifestyle and job strain. Why not heal your tiredness on your way home from work?
Shiatsu &Stretching
Our staff have studied Shiatsu. At first, they will soften stiff muscles and make adjustments to your body alignment, then gently check the position of your skeletal frame.
If you prefer hard pressure to loosen tight muscles, please consult our therapist in advance.
Essential oil treatment
Whether aromatherapy is new to you or an already-discovered treasure, you can rely on our salon! We use only the highest quality aromatic oils. Then, together, we will listen to your concerns - where might you feel discomfort and so on - and we will suggest a treatment plan for you.
An example is a 60-minute lymph drainage treatment, to normalize lymphatic flow. Our 90-minute (or longer) treatment includes body makeover with hands-on techniques that also enhance slimming.
Other options can be added to your own, special treatment: foot reflexology stimulates the soles of the feet, increasing whole-body metabolism. Oil massage for the neck, shoulders and arms rejuvenates skin and tones up tired muscles. Head Spa and 8-Bottle Aroma Touch Oil treatments are other choices to add to your comfort.
This price is an option with this service! It will be a special price that is not profitable.
Once you've found your favorite therapist, nominate and make sure you get the service that's right for you.
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