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Welcome to the body care salon、AromanoKaze(Aromatic Breezes) web site. Here, you will find the best care for you in our extensive range of treatments. Our goal is to support a comfortable, healthy life for each and every customer!
The aromatic treatments we offer use highest-quality essential oils that activate lymphatic flow, collect unnecessary and/or toxic foreign substances and waste products in the body. Using original, blended oils together with the techniques unique to trained and experienced specialists, whole-body lymph is moved and 
This reduces swelling as well as invigorates constricted areas. It will also aid absorption of important minerals in the foods you eat.
In addition to our full-body treatment, we have half-body treatment to give extra care to your back, legs, or arms. Our gentle stimulation is kind to your body, meaning treatments are appropriate for all conditions and ages, from postpartum women to senior people.
In addition, gentle chiropractic combined with soft stretching to match your physical condition, relieves skeletal strain, muscle stiffness, adjusts the pelvis and overall posture. Also popular is our 20-minute head massage to ease lifestyle and job strain. Why not heal your tiredness on your way home from work?
Experienced staff who have mastered SHIATSU, pelvic correction, skeletal stretching, fascia release, osteopathy, etc. are waiting for you.
First, the stiff muscles are loosened and adjustments are made while checking the position of the skeleton, so the skeleton can be approached comfortably and the body is gentle and comfortable.
If you would like to have it loosened by pressing hard, please consult the therapist in advance.
  • SHIATSU / Streching 30 minutes course


  • SHIATSU/ Streching 60 minutes course


  • SHIATSU / Streching 90 minutes course


  • Osteopathic manipulative 30-minute course


    Osteopathy is a medical-based systemic treatment created by the American surgeon AT Still in 1874. Based on anatomical physiology, using highly safe and efficient manual therapy, it is widely used in medical and alternative medicine fields in about 18 countries, mainly in Europe and the United States.
    Osteopathic manual therapy is based on Western medicine's anatomy, physiology, neurology, pathology, kinematics, nutrition, etc., while having a holistic view of health (balance with physical, mental, spiritual dimensions, environment, etc.) Emphasis on.
    Analyzing conditions such as [skeletal distortion], [restriction of movement], [poor posture], [poor blood circulation], [water stagnation], [decreased healing power], and [decreased immunity] that lead to physical pain, sticking, upset, and illness. It improves the natural healing power and leads to a healthy body.

  • Small face / skull correction head spa 20 minutes course


    Recommended for eyestrain! Isn't your head heavy? Cranial correction head massage that can be expected to have a small face effect, and if you add 300 yen, the essential oil of peppermint will eliminate headaches and you will feel refreshed.

Essential oil treatment
Our salon uses high quality organic aroma oils. Even those who are not interested in aroma should take this opportunity to enjoy reliable quality and aroma. You can use the manufacturer's recommended blended oil, or you can choose a single oil and use it for your treatment. Lymph drainage that restores lymphatic flow to normal, and a 90-minute or longer course includes body makeup with an all-hand technique that also takes slimming into consideration. We also sell essential oils and supplements, so please feel free to contact us.
  • [Women only] Half-body aroma treatment [Lymph drainage] 30 minute course


  • [Women only] Whole body treatment [Lymph drainage] 60 minutes course


  • [Women only] Whole body treatment [Slimming / lymphatic drainage] 90 minutes course


  • [Women only] Whole body treatment [Slimming / lymphatic drainage] 120 minutes course


We have prepared a variety of options that can be added to the manipulative menu or added to the oil treatment.
Foot reflexology, which stimulates the soles of the feet to increase the metabolism of the whole body, and oil massages for the neck, shoulders, and arms are popular.
In addition, by adding head spa and aroma touch oil to the oil treatment menu, you will be able to experience a more satisfying treatment.
This price is an option with this service! It will be a special price that is not profitable.
Once you've found your favorite therapist, nominate and make sure you get the service that's right for you.
  • Neck and shoulders, hand oil massage 30 minutes course


    Resets stress on the neck and shoulders caused by computers and smartphones. Oil massage specializing in shoulders and neck and arms is popular (you can choose aroma oil or unscented cream)

  • Foot acupoint, reflexology 30 minutes course


    The sole of the foot has a part called the reflex zone, which is said to be the second heart. By stimulating the reflex area, blood circulation is promoted. The tissues and organs of the body are activated and well-balanced
    (aroma oil or fragrance-free cream can be selected)

  • One rank up! Add aroma touch oil


    Eight essential oils, selected to address four factors: stress, toxic damage, inflammatory response, and autonomic imbalance, are packed with the power of 22 botanicals. It is a detox option that takes this power into the body and finally excretes it in exhaled breath, sweat, stool and urine.

  • Extension 15 minutes Manipulative loosening


    Add this if you want to take a little longer, add it to other menus

  • Nomination fee From


    Once you've decided on a person in charge, nominate and make sure you get the service that suits you.